Appeal from the commander of the “SOSE MAYRIK” militia combat squad about providing medical assistance to a young militiaman

I, Hayk Harutyunyan, a participant in all three Artsakh wars, commander of the “Sose Mayrik” militia combat squad, chairman of the “Azatamartik” military-patriotic organization, reserve lieutenant colonel, make an appeal and a big request to our compatriots and to all people of good will – I ask you to all possible assistance for organizing the treatment and medical rehabilitation of the young militiaman, Artsakh War veteran Gevorg Mkrtchyan.

During the 44-day war of 2020 of Azerbaijan against Artsakh, militiaman Gevorg Mkrtchyan, as part of the “Azatamartik” volunteer squad, defended Artsakh, and was one of the last, after receiving a combat order, to leave Shushi on November 12 (after the signing of the tripartite Statement of November 9). But even before December 1, as part of the “Azatamartik” squad, fulfilling his military duty, he remained in combat positions in the Berdzor region.

Militiaman Gevorg Mkrtchyan is the son of our combat comrade Vahram Mkrtchyan, who heroically died defending Yeraskhavan (border with Nakhichevan) during the first Artsakh War, and our fighting friend, veteran and disabled person of the Artsakh War Alvard Nikoghosyan.

Now Gevorg Mkrtchyan lives with his mother, a war invalid, and is her only guardian. Gevorg has two daughters.

The total, preliminary amount for expensive treatment of a long-term illness and rehabilitation of the consequences of war is 400 thousand drams (one thousand US dollars).

Please send money transfers to the personal bank account of Gevorg Mkrtchyan’s mother – Alvard Nikoghosyan: “Converse Bank”, Republic of Armenia, № 19300385053700.

We will be grateful to you for any possible help.


Tel. for more information: (+374) 93-117-401 or (+374) 91-578-983
E-mail: [email protected]

“Azatamartik” squad’s page in Facebook:

Hayk Harutyunyan
Chairman of the military-patriotic organization “Azatamartik”,
commander of “Sose Mayrik” militia combat squad, reserve lieutenant colonel


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