The psychiatric examination and conclusions of doctors regarding the actions or inactions and behavior of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia are required

Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in Economics, expert of the International Criminal Court of the UN and the European Court of Human Rights, academician Martik GASPARYAN,

considering that:

  • the current situation in the Republic of Armenia and around the Armenian people, created as a result of the 100-year activity of the Genocidal and Culturocidal Machine against humanity and humaneness, and the failed Versailles Military Tribunal,
  • since May 2018, in violation of one provision of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia on territorial integrity, other provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia do not operate based on International Constitutional Law,
  • the fundamental foundations of the statehood of the Republic of Armenia – the Declaration of Independence of Armenia – are paralyzed due to violations of citizens’ rights to property and electoral rights,
  • the members of the National Assembly of Armenia, the Prime Minister of Armenia, and all executive authorities of the Republic of Armenia – vertically and horizontally, the President of the Republic of Armenia and the Constitutional Court of Armenia are illegitimate due to a criminal offense – election to the National Assembly of Armenia in open defiance by the authorities and confirmed by these authorities in electoral districts on the territory of another subject of international law – especially in the territory of an enemy country with which the Republic of Armenia is in a state of armed conflict,
  • inadequate, sometimes diametrically opposed statements, decisions, and actions by nikol, which may imply a split personality, and to restore the Constitutional system of the Republic of Armenia,


Armenian psychologists and psychiatrists from around the world, with the involvement of world-renowned experts from international professional communities, to initiate a public medico-psychiatric examination for the Armenian Civilizational Tribunal and issue an Expert Conclusion of doctors on the mental and psychological health of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia nikol pashinyan and his team of kakistocrats, who implement Meritocide in Armenian society and abroad. According to observers, the psychological state of health is assessed as “dangerous”, sometimes there is a fragile sense of self-importance and a real potential to become even more dangerous, a threat to the security of the Armenian nation. Nikol and his team are unable to control and understand the aspects of the imposed status of “capitulant” assigned to the Armenian people 100 years ago by the Ottoman Sultanate, which threatens catastrophic consequences for the population of the Republic of Armenia and the entire Armenian people due to the mental health of the leader and representatives of his team of kakistocrats of the ruling regime in Armenia.


Annex 1

REFERENCE from Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, Benon Vahe SEVAN

What is the main problem of countries governed by leaders of a psychophysical type, similar to nikol?

There is no great mystery here:

Armenia is ruled by a leader of a psychophysical type, nikol, who is obsessed with the idea of his messianic destiny:

  • On March 1, 2008, he was convinced that his mission was to lead a revolution… The consequences are known.
  • 10 years later, he was visited by the idea that only he could build a just society in Armenia.
  • Then he decided that his historical mission was to ensure a fair resolution of the Artsakh issue, and therefore negotiations should start anew, discarding all previous negotiations.
  • In the early days of the 44-day war, he seriously believed that his mission was to win the war and earn the glory of a great military commander, hence he twice refused ceasefire terms…

He put the color of the nation on a pedestal of sacrifice, leading to the absence of simple reproduction of the population for three generations;

tens of thousands of innocent young victims, wounded, disabled I, II, III groups, missing in action, prisoners of war and civilian prisoners, unclaimed graves of victims – graves of unknown soldiers. To this day, there are no blacklists of Nicol… who will do it, and who will answer if not you…

It is clear that all of Nikol’s messianic designs have failed.

Nikol, if the UN International Court recognizes Gandzasar, Amaras, Kazanchots, Tsitsernavank, Dadivank, and Tigranakert as Armenian heritage sites, what have you done and what are doing?

Who and on what basis transferred the land of the Republic of Armenia to the enemy if the other signatory side does not recognize the borders of the Republic of Armenia? Where are the lists?

Today nikol has a new gimmick.

Today he believes that his mission is to reformat Armenia as a state, and indeed the entire Armenian people.

Today, the essence of his idea is to turn the Republic of Armenia into a state in which Turkey and Azerbaijan will be primarily interested in its existence.

This is exactly what nikol means when he says that in the next year or two the question of Armenia’s existence for many years, for centuries, will be resolved.

He has convinced himself that the existence of the Republic of Armenia as a state is possible only in one and only case: if Turkey and Azerbaijan are interested in this.

And, as a result, in order for Turkey and Azerbaijan to be interested in nikol ruling Armenia as long as possible.


According to nikol’s intention, it is necessary to create such a situation so that Ankara and Baku are interested not in enmity with Armenia, but in the fact that the Republic of Armenia is de jure an independent state, but acting in the wake of the interests of Baku and Ankara.

Only this, nikol believes, can be the guarantee of Armenia’s long-term existence, and his mission is to create such a situation.

His policy is subordinate to the solution of this obsession, all his sometimes seemingly illogical moves: whether it is the recognition of Palestine on Erdogan’s orders, after which the Turkish Foreign Ministry graciously slapped nikol on the cheek; or confrontation with the Armenian Apostolic Church; breaking relations with the Diaspora; preparation of constitutional changes; fight against khachkars and…; struggle with Artsakh Armenians, whom they must be forced to forget about their once existing state.

Everything is subordinated to one goal:

Erdogan and Aliyev must be satisfied with nikol’s steps and interested in the existence of precisely such a Republic of Armenia – under nikol’s rule. Armenia, which will be an instrument for the implementation of Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s foreign policy tasks. Turkey primarily, because, according to nikol’s intention, Erdogan must convince Aliyev that it is more profitable for them to exist in such Armenia than to liquidate it.

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