Single legal package

A Common Set of Legal and Political documents of Armenians of Western Armenia and Protection of rights of Western Armenia

This edition presents the final settlement of the Armenian Question, the protection of rights of Armenians in Western Armenia, as well as the key set of core section on legal and political documents for protection of Armenians rights towards Armenia, which forms part of the declarations and decrees, resolutions and statements.

The 4nd revised edition consists of new important documents, which are included in all CHAPTERs of this edition.

The collection is published in Armenian, Russian, English and French. For the publication in any language the primary source is considered the Armenian language.

Official websites of state structures of the Republic of Western Armenia (Armenia):,,,,,,

 E-mail of the Government and Parliament: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

We express our gratitude to the head and the editor of the Armenian Patriotic Association “Bnorran” Joseph Avetisyan, who initiated many topical documents of this collection to be published in the journal in 2013 (No. 1-6 (21-26), pp. 208-235).