Newspaper: Armenia PM to fulfill all demands of Azerbaijan?

Hraparak daily of Armenia writes as follows, in part: At the government session yesterday, [PM] Nikol Pashinyan tried to again claim the opposite of the truth and to convince that we don’t see it.

He called the [Armenia-Azerbaijan border] delimitation process and the protocol signed the previous day “a great success” and tried to mislead people with a confusing text. “We have adopted the principle that the border passes where it passes…”

Then he explained this “genius” view of his: if we were to deviate from this principle and create a new border line, it would mean that we are “creating a permanent source of escalation [of tension] and military conflicts.”

Now let’s translate. He says: we draw the border in accordance with the current realities; that is, whose troops are standing where, who has occupied how much [land], who can dictate to Google maps and convince that that the territory is his, in accordance with that principle, which means that you should not hope that Azerbaijanis will leave Lake Sev, Jermuk [city], Sotk [village]. “And get ready that I will fulfill all the demands of the enemy.”

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