VIDEO – Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan: No option left for us – either today or never!


“This is evidenced by the agreement on the description of the protocol, the press releases, and the clarifications given by the office of the head of the [Armenian] government. It is happening at the expense of our state, our people, our lives and our citizens, our existence in general.

The broad justifications—in the legal, legislative field—which were given by many specialists, the recorded facts, the moral bases, and at the same time the broad disagreement expressed by the citizens had no impact on the authorities.

This also proves once again that they are acting against all standards of the [Armenian] constitution, laws, right, identity, morality, and logic.

In that sense, it has become necessary not to go after the consequences, but to directly eliminate the reasons. There is only one reason, and it is in Yerevan. And now it has become urgent and imperative to remove—with all of our efforts, tenacious will, patience, and trust—this government at once, with all its illegalities, and to establish a new life in our country.

This is a complete chain of bleeding that must be stopped.

With our disagreement, upcoming actions, about which we will present to you in a certain, concrete way, we have to go this way because there is no other way out, preference for us,” declared Archbishop Galstanyan.

He continued: “We must commit to the hardest work and achieve the desired result with purposeful, certain, concrete steps. That result does not belong to anyone, this is a battle of no expectations; it is about not having any material expectations. This is a battle of lies and truth, and the truth must prevail.

At this moment, our compatriots of Kirants [village], who already have become homeless, deprived of all security guarantees, are on the street today. We reaffirm that this suffering will not go unanswered. We need to get that answer.

I invite all of you to plan our upcoming steps with this willingness and commitment and undertake the commitment to implement them. There is no option left for us. Either today or never!”

To note, those who have joined the Tavush for the Homeland movement are against the incumbent Armenian authorities’ policy of unilateral concessions to Azerbaijan. They are carrying out actions of civil disobedience, especially in the capital Yerevan.

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