Academician Martik Gasparyan was awarded a high rank of «NATIONAL VALUE» in recognition of the highest public significance

The system of certification and evaluation of intellectual property objects and the system’s mark of conformity


the nominee for the Nobel Prize in Economics and the Nobel Peace Prize, a major Soviet, Russian, Armenian scientist, economist, culturologist, source expert, Genocide scholar, political scientist, independent appraiser, professional auditor, certified accountant, forensic financial and economic, construction, technical, cost expert, forensic expert of the European Court of Human Rights and the UN International Criminal Court, member of the Club of Rome Analytical Center (since 1991), member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Econometrics, Qualimetry and Problems of Determining the Cost of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, visiting professor at about ten European universities, doctor of economic sciences, professor

GASPARYAN Martik Yurikovich

sign of the highest public significance ‘NATIONAL VALUE’

Academician Martik Gasparyan is the author of more than 400 fundamental unique scientific works; methodology of mandatory and initiative audit and financial and economic (including accounting) forensic examination; theoretical and methodological foundations of the qualimetric assessment of the historical and cultural heritage (monuments of history, architecture and archeology) of the world nations, damage and loss of heritage, which is as a discovery-innovation-know-how in economic theory and cultural studies; audit standards – application practice; methodology of cultural heritage insurance; methods of forensic examination of cultural heritage for reparation, restitution and indemnity; educational process, seminar and certification cycle for the training of appraisers and forensic experts in the economic evaluation of cultural heritage; methodology for the qualimetric evaluation of works of art, jewelry, including research of contemporary art, antiques, during import and export; methodology for environmental assessment of cultural heritage sites, including archeology; investment atlases of the regions of the Russian Federation and other countries; the research of Dr. Gasparyan, as a primary source, is cited more than a thousand times by the free public multilingual universal encyclopedia Wikipedia and the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.


To this high rank was also awarded

the Russian scientist Glazyev Sergey Yuryevich,

outstanding opera and chamber singer, actress Lyubov Yuryevna Kazanovskaya and other outstanding figures of science, art and creativity.



The system of certification and assessment of intellectual property objects and the system’s mark of conformity are an independent expert structure for the registration of intellectual property, registered in the State Register of the State Standard of Russia.

July 19, 1995 ROSS RU.0001.04ЯЗ00

Subsystem I. System of voluntary registration of objects of intellectual property

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